Steam Deck finally gets Switch style dock, but not from Valve

You can now buy a Steam Deck dock that's mimics the functionality of Valve's official accessory, and it could help you use the handheld as a desktop gaming PC

Jsaux Steam Deck dock on white surface with Elden Ring on screen

The official Steam Deck dock is still missing in action, but there’s now an alternative that could check all the boxes. Not only does the portable powerhouse accessory almost look like the real deal, but it’s equipped with all the ports you’ll need to transform the handheld into a desktop gaming PC.

Created by Jsaux, the third-party Steam Deck Dock is designed specifically to work with Valve’s handheld. While you might be tempted to pick up a compatible hub, this specific accessory cradles the portable while providing it with HDMI, 100W power delivery, two USB 2.0 ports, and ethernet. It also features an angled USB-C cable, so you won’t have to worry about angled connectors or having to manage cables.

There are plenty of USB-C solutions out there that will help you connect the Steam Deck to a TV or gaming monitor, but this dock almost looks like Valve’s delayed accessory. Many branded options aren’t built to caress the Deck’s caboose while it’s hooked up to your screen and peripherals, and cheap cradles lack electrical innards. You could opt to 3D print a custom-made dock, but if getting crafty isn’t your bag, you might want to check out Jsaux’s take.

It’s worth noting that we haven’t tried out Jsaux’s docking station, so we’re not sure if it should have a place on the best Steam Deck dock list. It also seems to offer quite a lot of functionality for its asking price, as it comes in at $39.99 USD. Valve hasn’t revealed how much its official accessory costs, but it’ll likely set you back more while offering slightly better specs.

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