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Is The Witcher 3 Steam Deck compatible?

One of the most popular RPGs in gaming history, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt earns Valve's highest seal of approve for the Steam Deck handheld.

Witcher 3 Steam Deck compatability

Is The Witcher 3 Steam Deck compatible? It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first or fifth time venturing into The Continent, playing The Witcher 3 on the Steam Deck is a great way to enjoy this expansive RPG.

Having released long before the Steam Deck was likely even a concept, one of the best PC games ever released has made quite a name for itself over the last decade. The Witcher 3 system requirements show us that with 32GB of storage space needed, it won’t demand one of the best microSD cards for the Steam Deck to start your adventure.

Is The Witcher 3 Steam Deck compatible?

Yes! The Witcher 3 is verified for the Steam Deck by Valve, meaning you should get great performance across graphics and controls without needing to make any changes before starting. 

Setting off on your adventure as Geralt of Rivia has never been easier as the Steam Deck version of The Witcher 3 runs like a dream, even though the visual fidelity doesn’t quite come through the way it will on a high-end PC.

The Witcher 3 Steam Deck best settings

After a few updates over the past 12+ months, performance of The Witcher 3 on Steam Deck has steadily improved. It’s now possible to hold a steady 60 fps with global low settings while FSR 2 is set to quality.

However, if you want the best balance of performance and visuals, you’re going to want to try setting the global presets to medium and then heading further down the menu to turn off motion blur, blur, chromatic aberration, and depth of field.

Here, you’ll start to see frames float anywhere between high 30s to low 50s, depending on what is happening on screen. To create a more stable view (and preserve battery life), you can limit your Steam Deck to 30 fps, but the drops aren’t too much of a distraction if you wish to leave it at 90.

Ultimately, you’ll struggle to get both visual quality and high fps, but given that we’re talking about an open-world RPG and not a twitch shooter, the fps compromise is typically worth making.

If you want to know the best Witcher 3 settings for PC, we have you covered there too!

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