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Steelrising looks like the first true Bloodborne-like for PC

Blending elements of Bloodborne and Sekiro, Steelrising is a violent, clockwork spin on the Reign of Terror where the French Revolution was fought by robots

Aegis, a graceful mechanical warrior, approaches an imposing castle as fires burn in the streets of Paris in Steelrising.

Every month or so, another batch of thinly sourced rumours bubble up about Fromsoft’s PlayStation exclusive Bloodborne making its way to PC. While there’s no clear indication that’s in the works yet, we do have Steelrising to look forward to – it’s a steampunk Soulslike game in which the Reign of Terror involves an army of automatons created by Louis XVI.

In a new gameplay video, developer Spiders showcases Steelrising’s revolutionary Paris, as well as its heroine, Aegis. She’s a mechanical warrior with an array of built-in gimmicks that would make Inspector Gadget jealous, and in combat, she’s reminiscent of the hunters from Bloodborne.

Paris circa 1789 lends itself to Bloodborne comparisons pretty naturally, but some of Aegis’ skills and abilities seem to take direct inspiration from Miyazaki’s beloved werewolf game. There’s the stamina management we all know and love from all the Souls games, but here there’s also the short range firearm that opens enemies up for punishing critical attacks, too. Using her Charleville 1789 shield musket, Aegis staggers an approaching mechanical dog to create space to attack a more threatening foe in the first scene in the video.

Here’s the full video:

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s also a strong influence from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on display here. Later in the video, Aegis navigates around Ile de la Cité, the island on the Seine where Notre Dame is located, using a grappling hook. You can see the famous basilica’s distinctive bell towers and rose window in the background – it’s certain to be the setting for a boss fight of some kind.

The Steelrising release date is set for September 8.