Stellaris is still one dollar

… in the latest Humble Bundle

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March 25, 2021 The Stellaris Discovery Bundle has been extended through March 31. Original story follows.

Maybe you’ve been curious about the space-faring grand strategy game Stellaris lately, after reading about how it’s working on becoming the best Star Wars game, or how its next expansion, Nemesis, will let you become a galaxy-destroying supervillain. Well, good news: you can now own the base game for just a single US dollar.

The latest Humble Bundle is the Stellaris Discovery Bundle, and its base tier requires a minimum donation of $1 USD. For that, you get the Stellaris base game, which is all you need to start exploring the wonderful world of Stellaris mods. The next tier up is currently priced at $9.40, and that includes three of the space game’s DLC packs: Utopia, the Plantoids Species Pack (in case you want to be a fascist space mushroom), and Leviathans.

At the $15 tier, you unlock four more Stellaris DLCs: Synthetic Dawn, Apocalypse, MegaCorp, and the Ancient Relics story pack. If you go for that bundle, you’ll only be missing the species packs for the Humanoids, Lithoids, and Necroids, Federations, Distant Stars, and the upcoming Nemesis DLC.

Proceeds from the Stellaris Discovery Bundle benefit One Warm Coat, a US-based charity that helps organise donation drives to provide warm clothing to people who need it.