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Rocksteady co-founders form new studio ahead of Suicide Squad release

Former Suicide Squad developers Jamie Walker and Sefton Hill left the team in 2022, and now may be heading new studio Hundred Star Games.

Suicide Squad Rocksteady new studio: Harley Quinn, a woman with blonde hair dipped on either side in blue and red, smiles with her mouth open and head cocked to the right side

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is almost here, and fans are gearing up to explore Rocksteady Studios’ massive take on Metropolis. If you’ve been following the developer’s progress thus far closely, you may recall that back in 2022, the team’s co-founders left stating that it was “time to hand over the reins” and “start a new adventure together in games.” According to business reports containing a company listing, both Jamie Walker and Sefton Hill then went on to form a new studio, Hundred Star Games.

Right now, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is one of the most hotly anticipated upcoming PC games. As the long-awaited launch approaches, it seems that Rocksteady’s co-founders are working to build their new studio together, a London-based company called ‘Hundred Star Games.’ The two left the team behind other hit comic book-inspired games such as those within the Batman Arkham universe in 2022.

In a letter announcing their departure, Hill and Walker explained the decision to depart from the company they had founded in 2004 was “emotional,” looking back at “the much-loved Arkham series” and the team’s work on the now soon-to-release Suicide Squad game. The devs wrote that “with Suicide Squad in safe hands,” they felt that it was time to “start a new adventure” in gaming.

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Since then, their proposed project has remained mysterious until now. If you browse Endole, a public business information database, you’ll find a 2023 company known as Hundred Star Games. The studio is apparently “an active company,” incorporated on February 21, 2023, with an official registered office located in London. According to the report, there are two directors and they’re none other than Hill and Walker.

You’ll also find more information on Hundred Star Games over on Great Place to Work, which reports that the studio currently has about 25 “UK-based” employees and is “a video game start-up.” The website links back to Hundred Star’s official page, which reveals that the team is currently recruiting for undisclosed roles. Despite the public info, neither Hill nor Walker has announced the new company personally yet.

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