Teamfight Tactics patch 10.18 notes – Sniper, Neeko, Gangplank nerfs; Cassio, Xerath buffs

We've skipped over Teamfight Tactics patch 10.17, but buckle up - there are 10.18 changes up for testing

Following the recent launch of the hefty Teamfight Tactics patch 10.16, you’re probably wondering where TFT patch 10.17’s gone. Well, Riot announced it was “taking a week off” in order to “recharge and reboot”, which means the TFT and LoL patch 10.17 cycle would be skipped over on the PBE – and now we’re on to the patch 10.18 cycle instead. A handful of changes have hit the autobattler’s PBE ready for a round o’ testing – so, let’s go take a look, shall we?

So far, there’s not a huge raft of Teamfight Tactics balance changes to eyeball up for tweaking and tinkering, but there are a few key trait and Champion adjustments you’ll want to be aware of. First up, the Sniper trait is seeing some nerfs for two- and four-unit sets. Damage dealt per hex for these builds is taking a bit of a drop.

Across tiers three and five, several Champions are also seeing some balance changes, and it’s good news for Cassiopeia and Xerath, with both seeing some buffs to their ability damage.

Neeko, Master Yi, and Gangplank, on the other hand, are in for some nerfs to their ability damage, going by what’s on the PBE right now. But, as ever, it’s worth noting these are in for testing, so can easily change around before the patch goes live.

Speaking of which, in-line with the now-adjusted League of Legends patch schedule, it looks like we’ll see TFT patch 10.18 go live alongside LoL patch 10.18 on September 2. Keep checking back on these notes, as we’ll make sure to keep them updated with all the changes you need to know about ahead of its arrival.


TIER Three

Neeko – nerfed

  • Neeko’s ability damage has decreased to 150/250/450 from 150/250/500

Master Yi – nerfed

  • Master Yi’s true damage ability has decreased to 70/95/145 from 75/100/150

Cassiopeia – buffed

  • Cassiopeia’s ability damage has increased to 750/1600/4000 from 700/1500/3000

Tier Five

Gangplank – nerfed

  • Gangplank’s ability damage decreased to 525/675/9001 from 550/700/9001

Xerath – buffed

  • Xerath’s ability damage has increased to 320/440/2500 from 300/400/2500


Sniper – nerfed

  • Damage per hex (two-unit) has decreased to 9% from 10%
  • Damage per hex (four-unit) has decreased to 16% from 18%

That’s all we’ve got for the upcoming TFT patch 10.18 notes for now, but be sure to keep checking back as more changes, tweaks, and various other tinkerings could well appear before launch day.

Also go check out the latest batch of changes in the TFT patch 10.16 notes to find out what’s most recently arrived in the live game. It was a chunky update, so it’s worth checking out if you haven’t already.