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Luma temtem: how to get shiny temtems

You can get shiny Pokemon, so it’s only right that you can get luma temtem, here’s how to get them


How do you get Luma temtem? These shiny temtem are Crema Games’ take on, well, shiny pokemon. Not only do they come with a unique appearance, but they also come with various stat boosts. They are, however, extremely rare. That makes them of great interest to the collectors among us, but a bit of a pain for any other tamer looking to diversify their squad.

If you’re new to the Temtem party, this is one of very few Pokemon-like games for PC MMO brings the fantasy of creature capturing and exploration to PC. You start off in your mother’s house in a sleepy town, and head out to explore with the temtem starter you’ve decided to take with you. As this game is Pokemon-inspired, a lot feels familiar. There are temtem evolutions to boost your wee pal’s stats, and you can battle them in Temtem dojos when they are strong enough. If you want to chase stats, you can do some Temtem breeding, too.

Over this guide we’ll go over everything we’ve learnt so far, from how to get the shiny Temtem to what the odds are of coming across one. So, here’s how to get Luma temtem.

How to get Luma temtem

The simplest way of getting Luma temtem is to try and encounter them in tall grass or in a cave. The luma temtem odds are not great, however, and you only have a one in 6000 chance of coming across one. Breeding is another option, and you can increase your chances x10 if one of the parents is a Luma. If both parents are Luma, it shoots up to x100.

Grinding for luma temtem is worth it, though. Not only do they stand out from the list of temtem species, but they come with better stats to boot. If you need some help catching them, we recommend keeping this Temtem type chart close to hand. A shiny temtem always generates with three perfect single values or three perfect stats.