Temtem breeding guide: how to make the perfect tiny Tems

From fertility to stats, here’s how breeding works in Temtem

Temtem breeding guide

Struggling to figure out how Temtem breeding works? Developer Crema has poured a lot of attention into the mechanics behind Temtem’s breeding system, ensuring it’s open and accessible to first-time breeders, but still packs plenty of depth for those looking to rear the perfect tiny Tems. As such, there are some basic things you’ll need to do in order to breed Temtems, and a whole lot more to consider if you want a specific Temtem or high stats in a certain area.

With fertility, the Temtem type chart, Luma temtem, species, and inherited moves and SVs to factor in, tailor-making the ideal offspring from two Temtem parents is no mean feat. For example, you can breed two different Temtems so long as they share a common type, but you’ll have to wait a little longer at the Temtem breeding centre than if you use two parents of the same species. There are also plenty of ways to shape the stats that your baby Temtems pop out with by using DNA strand items, effectively guaranteeing at least one stat carries over to the offspring.

In the guide below we break down everything you need to know about Temtem breeding, from how long it takes to hatch your eggs, to what stats carry over from your Temtem parents.

How to breed Temtem?

We don’t want to get into the full ‘birds and the bees’ talk with you, but you’ll need two Temtems that share a type in order to start breeding them. When you have two, you need to take them to a Temtem breeding centre.

How long does it take to breed Temtem and hatch eggs?

With two Temtems of the same species it will only take you 15 minutes to get your Temtem egg from the breeding centre – you’ll have to wait an extra 10 minutes if the two parents are not of the same species.

The hatch times for Temtem appear to depend on their overall species compatibility and vary from a few minutes to nearly an hour. Unlike Pokemon, hatch times aren’t based on how many steps you take.

How does Fertility work in Temtem?

You can’t turn one Temtem into a breeding machine in Temtem as they each have a Fertility score, which tells you how many eggs you can get from a Temtem before they can no longer reproduce.

How do stats work when breeding Temtem?

Your baby Temtems can emerge from the breeding centre with a mix of stats, with some from each parent, or possibly a mix of the two. You can use DNA strand items to ensure a key stat transfers from the parent to the child, allowing you to breed some valuable Temtems with the right parent.

Temtems have a 40% chance of taking the stat of the higher level parent, 40% of getting an average from both parents, and a 20% chance of getting the lower level parent’s stat.

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When you put two Temtem into a breeding centre together, the offspring will have a Fertility score influenced by the lowest level parent. You lose one Fertility by breeding, so if the lowest parent Temtem has a Fertility score of six then the baby will hatch with a Fertility score of four.

Can Temtem inherit moves?

Yes, just like in pokemon, your Temtems can learn moves depending on what their parents know, and can even learn moves they wouldn’t naturally learn this way.

What happens when you breed Luma Temtems?

Luma are shiny Temtem, or Temtem with colourful or sparkling coats. Bred Temtem have the same chance of hatching Luma as wild ones do, which is roughly one in 6,000. This chance increases to 10% with one Luma Temtem, and then becomes 100% with two Luma Temtems as the parents.

And there you have it. Now that the Temtem Early Access launch date has come and gone, you can jump in and pick your favourite starter Temtems, form a crush on the professor, and head off into some tall grass to battle critters. If you’re not sure if you want to part with your money for it, we’ve also put together a How long is Temtem guide to help you out.  Pokemon PC games are a rare treat, so we’re keen to show you how to savour this one.