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Temtem type chart: all types detailed

Even the most hardened Pokemon fans have new types to get to grips with, here’s a chart to help you out

Temtems doing battle

Looking for a Temtem type chart? It’s a handy thing to keep close to hand as remembering all of the effectivenesses and weaknesses of all 12 Temtem types is a bit of a pain. Some of the types are similar to that of Pokemon, but there are new ones, too. So even the most hardened Pokemon trainer may find themself googling the Temtem type chart. Ahem.

If you’re new to all of this though, Temtems are the critters you’ll be sending into battle against each other, and each one of them has a type – or an element if you prefer. Each type is strong against certain opponents, but weak to others. Part of being a good tamer is knowing the type of the Temtem you’re up against, and what type you should be using against it. It’s also something you’ll want to keep in mind when looking at Temtem starters and the Temtem evolutions.

As such, we’ve put together a table ahead of the Temtem early access so you can go in prepared. That said, here is the Temtem type chart with all effectiveness and weakness spelt out.

Temtem type chart

Double damage to Half damage from Half damage to Double damage from
Crystal Mental and Electric Mental, Electric, and Toxic Fire and Earth Fire, Earth, and Melee
Digital Mental, Digital, and Melee Toxic None Electric, Water, and Digital
Earth Crystal, Fire, and Electric Crystal, Fire, Electric, and Toxic Nature, Water, and Wind Melee, Nature, Water, and Wind
Electric Mental, Water, Digital, and Wind Electric and Wind Crystal, Nature, Earth, and Electric Earth and Crystal
Fire Nature and Crystal Nature, Crystal, and Fire Fire, Water, and Earth Water and Earth
Melee Earth and Crystal Melee Mental and Melee Mental and Digital
Mental Neutral and Melee Neutral and Melee Crystal  Crystal, Digital, and Electric
Nature  Water and Earth Water, Nature, Earth, and Electric Fire, Nature, and Toxic  Fire and Toxic
Neutral None None Mental Mental
Toxic  Water and Nature Water, Nature, and Toxic Crystal, Earth, Digital, and Toxic  Wind
Water Fire, Earth, and Digital Earth, Fire, and Water  Toxic, Water, and Nature Nature, Electric, and Toxic
Wind Earth and Toxic Wind and Earth  Electric and Wind Electric

And there you have it, a Temtem type chart with information on effectiveness and weakness. It’s also worth checking out Temtem breeding to help you understand your new companions, especially as the Temtem types will factor in. If you like grinding for shiny pokemon, then you’ll be glad to know that you can grind for luma temtem, too. We’ve also put together a complete Temtem list of all the species, if that’s what you need.

If you’re looking for a Pokemon PC game, this may be the closest you’ll get. That’s not to say Temtem doesn’t have its own ideas, though, as it includes co-op options to make it one of the best MMO games, too.