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Temtem dojos: who will you come up against in each dojo?

Taking down tamers in Temtem dojos? Here’s what you’ll face along the way


What are the Temtem dojos? Think of dojos like Pokemon gyms, you’ll come against tamers (trainers) and their captured-monsters and battle it out in friendly – or not so friendly – matches to earn rewards.

Temtem dojos can be found throughout the world, and each one contains tems of the same type, so you’ll have to use your knowledge of Pokemon PC games, and have all the Temtem types handy to take on these difficult areas and know which tactics to apply in a battle. The neat thing is that Temtem dojos often reflect the region they’re found in, so if you’re fighting lots of wind and water tems in Arissola, you won’t have to switch up your tactics to take on its dojo.

We’ve been feverishly scouring the world in the stress tests in anticipation of the Temtem early access release. After hours spent exploring the dojos and battling it out with other tamers, we have managed to create a useful guide to everything you’ll come up against in the Temtem dojos, including items you’ll find and all the Temtems you’ll fight on the way to defeating dojo leaders. Here are all the Temtem dojos we’ve found so far.

The Temtem dojos are:

Arissola Dojo

You’ll find the first Temtem dojo in Arissola, you’ll come up against dojo leader Sophia and her wind and water-themed Temtems, as well as several tamers along the way. There’s also various items you’ll discover including Tonic+ (x2), Balm+ (x2), Revive (x2) – and a Surfboard for defeating Sophia.

Tamers Temtems Reward (Pansuns)
Carmela and Emre Loali (Lvl. 17), Saipat (Lvl. 17), Piraniant (Lvl. 17) 275
Nisanur and Ilaria Loali (Lvl. 18), Saku (Lvl. 19) 136
Samael Saipat (Lvl.24) 78
Yulfira and Abba Nessla (Lvl. 18), Wiplump, (Lvl. 18) 151
Romano and Zeno Nessla (Lvl. 16), Saku (Lvl. 16), Kalabyss (Lvl. 15), Tuwai (Lvl. 15) 286
Dojo 1st and 2nd Lieutenant Barnshe (Lvl. 18), Paharac (Lvl. 18), Wiplump (Lvl. 17), Ukama (Lvl. 15), Skunch (Lvl. 15) 650
Sophia Kalabyss (Lvl. 17), Loali (Lvl. 17), Sparzy (Lvl. 18), Pigepic (Lvl. 19), Tuwai (Lvl. 21), Oceara (Lvl. 22) 700

Nanga Dojo

The second dojo you’ll discover in the game can be found in the town Nanga, a tropical islet in a cluster connected by rope bridges called Omninesia. You’ll find the items Panscunscreen (x1), TC006: Magma Cannon, Balm+ (x2), and Tonix+ (x2). The Temstems will be fire and nature themed, here’s all the temtems, tamers, and leader Tihani you’ll fight in the Nanga dojo.

Tamers Temtems Reward (Pansuns)
Filisione Piraniant (Lvl. 30), Tuwai (Lvl. 30), Saipat (Lvl. 30) 353
Sione Capyre (Lvl. 30), Taifu (Lvl. 30), Granpah (Lvl. 30) 315
Vaitiaré and Talia’uli Saku (Lvl. 28), Vukvir (Lvl. 28), Oceara (Lvl. 28), Loali (Lvl. 28) 500
One-eyed Matthew Kalabyss (Lvl. 34), Raize (Lvl. 34) 153
Hoku Magmis (Lvl. 33), Barnshe (Lvl. 33), Ukama (Lvl. 33) 415
Tihani Cerneaf (Lvl. 33), Mastione (Lvl. 33), kinu (Lvl. 38), Ukama (Lvl. 33), Wiplump (Lvl. 31), Granpah (Lvl. 33) 1987

Mokupuni Dojo

Found in Mokupuni, near Nanga, this Temtem dojo is fire and nature themed, so you’ll want to check the Temtem type charts to put your strongest tems out. The leader, Rawiri, has six Temtems which you’ll need to defeat to earn a lift key. Here are all the other tamers you’ll come up against as you navigate this dojo, including their temtems you’ll battle.

Tamers Temtems Reward (Pansuns)
Makerita & Sima  Taifu (Lvl. 24), Capyre (Lvl. 24), Taifu (Lvl. 22), Capyre (Lvl. 22) 399
Teulia & Kehaulani Raize (Lvl. 24), Deendre (Lvl. 24), Raize (Lvl. 22), Deendre (Lvl. 22) 360
Rawiri Deendre (Lvl. 24), LumaTateru (Lvl. 24), Magmis (Lvl. 22), Banapi (Lvl. 18), Raize (Lvl. 28), Taifu (Lvl. 29) 720

Quetzal Dojo

You’ll get a ton of items in this Temtem dojo, as well as fighting different crystal and toxic type Temtems and the leader, Yareni. Here’s all the tamers you can expect to battle in this Temtem dojo.

Tamers Temtems Reward (Pansuns)
Tonali and Friend Adoroboros x2 (Lvl. 38) 259
Mitotl  Platimous (Lvl. 45), Valash (Lvl. 45) 344
Atlatl Mudrid (Lvl. 45), Skunch (Lvl. 45) 319
Cactonki and Friend Saipat (Lvl. 37), Nidrasil (Lvl. 37), Myx (Lvl. 36), Mushook (Lvl. 36) 889
Yareni Myx (Lvl. 31), Volarend (Lvl. 34), Gazuma (Lvl. 34), Noxolotl (Lvl. 35), Mudrid (Lvl. 39), Shuine (Lvl. 43) 2612

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