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Temtem early access: how to get involved before the release date

You can give Crema’s monster-catching MMO a go before the game properly releases

A tamer and a Temtem crossing a bridge

The Temtem early access launch date is here and now PC players can get a taste of the Pokemon life without the need to leave the safety of our rigs – few. There are a few PC Games like Pokemon, but this one looks like the closest we may get. Even more so, it looks like Temtem offers the challenge that Pokemon Sword and Shield doesn’t.

Temtem takes us to the airborne region of Archipelago and tasks us with capturing and training temtems so we can take on Temtem dojos (not gyms) and other tamers (not trainers). There are MMO elements, too, and you’ll see other player-controlled tamers roaming the lands. You can even join in their adventure and help them out. Or, if it’s more your speed, you can customise your home to make it sincerely yours.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, you’ll be happy to know that you can give the multiplayer game a whirl before its eventual release. So, here’s how to get involved in Temtem early access.

Temtem early access

The Temtem early access release date has come and gone. So all you need to do is head to Steam and part with $34.99 USD to get involved. If you’re weighing up if the cost is worth it, we’ve put together a guide on how long is Temtem to help with your deliberations.

You can prepare your journey by checking out which Temtem starters there are and all the damage types with the Temtem type charts. If you’re eager to delve into the game, here’s all the Temtem evolutions to help you choose your first companion along with a complete Temtem species list and how Temtem breeding works. If you like hunting for shiny pokemon, then you’ll be happy to know that there are luma temtem, too.