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Terraria 1.4.5 update delivers an awesome yoyo trick and new music

As the Terraria 1.4.5 update gets ever closer, developer Re-Logic shares its State of the Game for August 2023, with a new yoyo accessory, furniture, and music.

Terraria 1.4.5 update and State of the Game August 2023 - A character uses the Terrarian, a green Yoyo that fires out glowing projectiles as it spins.

Terraria update 1.4.5 gets better every time we see it, and developer Re-Logic’s latest news on what might well be the final big patch for one of the best sandbox games has me very excited indeed. Among the new Terraria 1.4.5 details revealed are a very cool trick for the game’s yoyos, some stylish furniture, and a fresh set of absolutely banging tunes for fighting some of the biggest and best Terraria bosses.

The Terraria State of the Game for August 2023 gives us a little glimpse into some more features being added, but also adds a small update on the Terraria 1.4.5 release timing. One of the major additions is a set of new music tracks from beloved Terraria composer Scott Lloyd Shelly, and Re-Logic notes, “We are not going to rush Scott while he works on the latest in a long line of Terraria musical masterpieces.” The first of these, a track for The Twins boss fight, can be heard below.

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“So, that means the update is going to take a bit longer to come out than we had originally anticipated,” it adds. While that’s a little sad, it’s actually good news – and not just because the Starfield release date and Baldur’s Gate 3 mean we’re already overloaded with games. Re-Logic explains, “Now, before anyone gets too upset… the team realized that if we are having to wait on this music anyway, why not just keep the update development moving on our end and add even more goodies?!”

The team gives us a glimpse at some of the goodies in question. First up is a set of Shimmer-themed Aetherium Furniture, resplendent in glimmering shades of purple. It’s perfect if you’re looking to build around your own little Shimmer biome, or perhaps you just fancy adding the color scheme to your regular base. Re-Logic does however ask, “Are we sure it is safe to sit on this Aetherium Furniture, much less build a whole house using it?!” There’s only one way to find out.

Terraria 1.4.5 update and State of the Game August 2023 - A house built next to a Shimmer lake using the new Aetherium Furniture.

By far the most exciting news for me, however, is the addition of a new item – the Magic Yoyo Bag. As a die-hard yoyo main, I always find myself coming back to their satisfying versatility no matter how many times I swear I’m going to branch out in other directions. There’s just something too compelling about the blend of ranged and melee it offers, letting you attack enemies around corners with effortless precision.

I’m very glad to see a new tool for the weapon type then, and the Magic Yoyo Bag looks like a lot of fun, causing your yoyos to bounce off in all directions when you let them go. Lead developer Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks explains exactly how this works: “You can find a Magic String after mech bosses that tinkers into the Yoyo Bag,” he writes on the Terraria Community Forums, “It allows your yoyos to fly off instead of returning to you.

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I’m all about that. When you get into the later stages of the game, a lot of more traditional melee weapons get bonus projectiles to help deal with the wilder, more maneuverable enemies and bosses you encounter, so having another way to crowd control with your yoyos sounds like a great addition to me. You can read the full State of the Game over on the Terraria Community Forums.

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