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Terraria 1.4.5 update brings everyone’s favorite Dead Cells summon

Redigit and Cenx have been posting spoilers galore on the forums for their sandbox game Terraria, confirming the addition of a very cute Dead Cells summon.

A mushroom summon from Dead Cells with a red bow tie standing against a Terraria backdrop

Terraria is the gift that keeps on giving thanks to the sandbox game‘s highly involved developers. Redigit and Cenx, the couple behind Re-Logic, have been going back and forth on the official Terraria forums for a short while now. Throughout all of the jokes and silly shenanigans, we fans have received multiple hints and spoilers about Terraria‘s upcoming 1.4.5 update. These have ranged from a look at the adorable dinosaur mount to clues about new crossover items from Dead Cells, like the Mushroom Boi!

One of the first confirmations we have received from Redigit since the previous spoiler posts is the answer to how a Terraria 1.4.5 dinosaur mount will be crafted. The creator stated that all he knows right now is that the dino will be made “out of fossils,” saying that they still have “some balancing to do” before figuring it out fully.

Another big spoiler involved new world seeds, specifically those to do with the Shimmer. A screenshot showing a special combination seed was shared, and it looks to be some sort of cross between the Celebrationmk10 seed with an above-ground ocean of Shimmer. Am I unreasonably excited to jump into the outdoor Shimmer and fall infinitely? Yes. Redigit wrote, “Shimmer seed is a seed combination” and said that there are “several special combinations to find.”

A screenshot of an iridescent shimmer lake from Terraria

Both Redigit and Cenx spend a hefty portion of their time responding to fans on the forums, and this next spoiler comes after one player asked about relationships with NPCs. So, what did the devs have to say about Stardew Valley-like interactions with your townsfolk? “Relationships with NPCs have been on my mind,” Redigit replied but went on to say they aren’t going to be implemented until Terraria 1.5 or 2.

Cenx's green-haired Terraria character chopping a tree down with an axe while having a Mushroom Boi! pet from Dead Cells out

While this isn’t confirmation that Re-Logic is planning on another Terraria update just yet, it is the first time Redigit brought the possibility of a 1.5 release up. For now, we have plenty to be excited about with 1.4.5… like the Mushroom Boi! That’s right, Cenx posted a spoiler after she banned Redigit from the Terraria forums in which she has a little red-bow-wearing mushroom pet from Dead Cells summoned.

A Tweet from Cenx showing the special new dev armor

We also now know about yet another new in-game painting coming with 1.4.5, and it’s a fan-made piece of the Terraria queen, Cenx, herself. Aside from this, Cenx offered a look at a special developer set of armor. Loki, Terraria’s community manager, is getting an updated set of dev armor or vanity items to go over the existing pieces. Either way, I am obsessed with the new look.

I want to see more cute reveals, whether those be in the form of new armor sets (I saw Redigit’s recent Twitter poll, and yes I am curious) or pets like the lil mushy boy from Dead Cells. There is still so little we know, and so much more room for spoilers. As YouTuber Chippy asked in his latest video on the Terraria update about the mushroom summon, “Will they explode on impact?” You can check the new information all out in more detail in Chippy’s overview of the spoilers here.

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