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Terraria 1.4.5 update has lawn-mowing dinosaur mounts

Redigit is confirming all sorts of additions coming to his sandbox game Terraria with the 1.4.5 update, from dinosaur mounts to world seed combinations.

A tan-colored dinosaur pushing a red lawn mower across the grass on a sunny, blue-sky day

Terraria is the sandbox game that just keeps on giving, and I am so here for it. Re-Logic, or more specifically Redigit, has been hard at work communicating his 1.4.5 update efforts with the player base. Between responding to players about their ideas on what he could implement to designing his features, the developer has a lot of upcoming content up his sleeve for Terraria. Much to our pleasant surprise, Redigit has just started dropping all sorts of hints, alluding to the very features 1.4.5 will bring.

After recently deleting his Reddit, Redigit has been posting all sorts of Terraria spoilers on the game’s forums, and I honestly love it. For example, the creator posted a picture of an adorable jewelry-like frog accessory, asking fans what they think it is. While it hasn’t yet been confirmed, it seems similar to the diamond ring in-game and may serve as an aesthetically pleasing bracelet. Another hint came after a fan asked about possible cool new world seeds while mentioning the “don’t dig up” seed that has players start the game underground.

A pink and green frog bracelet posted under Redigit's forum comment

Redigit responded, saying that the fan just gave him “a devious idea for a combo” and implying that a chaotic new world seed could come with 1.4.5. More importantly, a new mount was confirmed. Terraria? More like TerRAWRia.

We are getting a new dinosaur mount inspired by Redigit’s own son’s request, and it looks absolutely adorable. A small clip was shared on the official Terraria forums showcasing the brownish-orange beast adorably mowing the grass.

YouTube Thumbnail

We are also getting a new painting in-game made by animator and Terraria fan JzBoy. You can check it all out in more detail in Chippy’s overview of the spoilers here. Interestingly, we even got a look at what Redigit WANTED to add, but won’t thanks to his new forum posts.

He wrote that he “wanted to add an electric chair to the game” where you could “kill anyone sitting in it,” even the villagers. Apparently, his wife said it was too morbid. I would be inclined to agree, but then I think back to some of Terraria’s bosses, like the giant veiny eyeballs.

A screenshot of Redigit's post on the Terraria forums about including an electric chair

The Terraria 1.4.5 update is shaping up to be one of the most community-inspired ones yet, and we don’t even know the details of all its contents. Redigit also confirmed what his plans for the future are following the eventual completion of Terraria, and boy does the future look bright for us Re-Logic game fans. “I want to make Terraria 2, a multiplayer community-built Metroidvania game, and a top-down action RPG life sim.”

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