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Trick or Terraria, the spooktacular Halloween contest is back

Re-Logic has just announced the return of Terraria's annual Halloween event, giving us an opportunity to submit our most spooktacular in-game builds for prizes.

Terraria Halloween: a pixel art style ghost floats before a graveyard backdrop

Terraria is more exciting now than ever with its upcoming 1.4.5 update. Many of us thought that Re-Logic was done adding content to the iconic sandbox experience, but time and time again the developer proves that it’s not finished quite yet. While the hype for the big patch continues to build, Terraria’s spooktacular Halloween event is returning. The contest is the perfect chance to win prizes and express your creativity in-game or in real life with builds, pumpkin carvings, and more.

If you’ve been a Terraria fan for a good while, then you probably know about the sandbox game‘s contests. This year’s Halloween event focuses on player creativity in-game and outside of it. Anyone can enter as long as they consider themselves a part of the community, too. In an update revealing the contest’s return, the developer says that it should be “a celebration of the entire Terraria community” and not just members of the official forums.

Terraria-themed carved pumpkins

You’ll get to choose from five different categories this year. If you’d prefer to make something more hands-on, you can carve a pumpkin in real life with a Terraria-themed design, snap a photo, and submit it. Just like at last year’s carving winner above. Alternatively, you can conjure up some art or even craft your very own Terraria cosplay. As long as your submission is Terraria-inspired, it counts.

For players like me who are less artistically blessed in real life, in-game opportunities are open for entry. We can opt to build something directly in Terraria, whether that be a giant Jack-o’-lantern or a haunted gothic mansion. Then, we can simply submit the creation by using the in-game screenshot tool or “your device’s own screenshot capturing options.” Check below for one of the previous year’s winning builds. You don’t have to submit a build if you don’t want to, though.

Terraria haunted house build with green and purple lighting, and ghosts surrounding it

You could also create an in-game Terraria vanity set. Re-Logic only asks that it’s “inspired by your favorite franchise or character.” Regardless of what you choose to submit, the contest is open to all entries now and will run until Sunday, November 5. The winners can win up to $200 in Terraria merchandise, $50 in funds for a gaming platform such as Steam, and special forum titles.

The runner-ups can get up to $100 in Terraria merch, $25 in funds on a gaming platform, as well as the forum titles. Each category has one winner and two runner-ups, as detailed in Re-Logic’s post. Check out one of last year’s runner-ups below. If you want to see more like it for inspiration, head over to the official winners’ thread to see each 2022 artist’s work.

Terraria Halloween-inspired art showing a dark knight-like figure with orange glowing within him

I don’t know about you all, but I would do anything for that Pumpking title.  Imagine how cool it would feel. With the Terraria 1.4.5 update vampires arriving in the future, too, I’m beginning to think that Re-Logic seriously understands us creepy-crawly horror fans well.

While we wait to see who reigns supreme as this year’s Pumpking, you can browse through some of our favorite Terraria mods to spice your base game up before 1.4.5 drops. Alternatively, look around our roundup of the current Terraria bosses for some inspiration on what to create. Is there anything quite as aesthetically pleasing as the Empress of Light?