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Fan’s Lego Terraria set achieves support goal on Lego Ideas

One fan’s Lego Terraria set submitted to the Lego Ideas website has achieved the 10,000 supporters needed to be officially considered as a possible future set

JaoGosma's Terraria build for Lego Ideas

Lego projects are a common way for fans to express their love for a series, and now one person’s Lego Terraria set is being considered for official production after receiving the requisite support through the Lego Ideas program. While other projects such as a Lego Minecraft stop motion short and a custom Lego gaming PC might be one-off builds, this take on the 2D crafting game could now become a commercially available set – if it is approved.

JaoGosma’s 1,970 piece Terraria Lego idea, which was initially submitted to the program on Jan 28, has now reached the 10,000 supporters mark which makes it eligible for expert review. If it is approved, Lego set designers will adapt the design into an official model, which will then be released under the Lego Ideas name. Were this to happen, project creator JaoGosma would be eligible for a 1% royalty of the net sales.

While this set is based on a licensed property, that is fair game for applications to Lego ideas – as long as the IP in question is not already in a partnership with Lego, or considered to feature subject matter deemed too ‘inappropriate’ for younger Lego fans. Some of the other approved ideas in the past include designs based on Ghostbusters and Sonic the Hedgehog.

The design features an overground house with two floors and a basement, with a shaft underneath leading down to a tunnel network below. The caves feature several recognisable Terraria items including patches of ore, an item chest, and a life crystal.

JaoGosma says they were initially inspired by the aforementioned success of the Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone set, which was released in its official form on January 1, and feels that Terraria’s blocky structure makes it a perfect fit for the Lego concept. We can’t help but agree.

If you can’t wait to see whether this idea actually makes it to store shelves, someone else has been working on their own personal Lego Terraria build, complete with bosses and underground sections. Another, more technologically-minded, fan of the indie game is in the process of recreating Terraria as a 3D game – and it’s rather terrifying, quite frankly.

Image credit: JaoGosma