The best Terraria wings

Creating wings in Terraria is tough but rewarding work, but what are the best wings? And why is it the Solar Wings? Here is everything you need to know

A player soars through the air using a set of sweet Terraria wings

What are the best Terraria wings? Whether you’re new to the popular indie game or a Terraria veteran, you’re going to need these nifty accessories to take down some of the more difficult Terraria bosses.

Terraria wings are only available in hardmode (with one exception) and can be earned from quests, but they’re more commonly crafted using feathers and other precious items. Some require more resources than others, but all will need a mythril or orichalcum anvil to craft. If you’re creating lunar wings, you’ll need to use the ancient manipulator. There’s plenty to think about when looking for the best Terraria wings: how high you want to go, flight duration, speed, and of course their physical appearance (it matters, okay?).

The best starting wings in Terraria are demon wings and angel wings, which require 20 souls of flight, and then either 25 souls of night, or souls of light, depending on which version you’re making. If you’re ready to spread your wings and look for something better, we’ve included our top picks along with what you’ll need.

TERRARIA WINGS – Soaring Insignia

The May 2020 update introduced the Soaring Insignia to Terraria hardmode, granting unlimited flight time to all wings in the game. The wings listed below are still the best in the game as they are faster than the other options available.

To acquire the Soaring Insignia, you must defeat the Empress of Light in The Hallow. This is one of the most difficult bosses in hardmode, so you’ll need to come prepared with post-Golem gear.


The Solar Wings are the best wings in Terraria, but it does depend on what you’re after and what resources you have readily available.

The other best wings in Terraria are:

  • Solar wings – You’ll need ten luminite bars and 14 solar fragments to create these wings, but you’ll be able to climb to a whopping 325 feet
  • Stardust wings – You’ll need ten luminite bars and 14 stardust fragments, and you can go even higher to 413 feet, but you’ll sacrifice acceleration
  • Fishron wings – These wings are a great all-rounder, and are a reward for defeating Duke Fishron (you can summon him by learning how to fish in Terraria)
  • Nebula mantle – You’ll need ten luminite bars and 14 nebula fragments. These aren’t the best of the best, but allow hovering, which comes in handy during difficult fights
  • Vortex booster – These wings also offer hovering and horizontal movement, and you’ll need ten luminite bars and 14 vortex fragments to craft them

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There you go – the best Terraria wings. Now that you’re ready to glide into battle, make sure to check out how to create Terraria potions and source the best Terraria armor and accessories for hardmode. We also have a guide to the best Terraria mods from big overhauls, to boss checklists.