The Division 2’s Kenly College opens back up this week

The Division 2 is bringing back its expedition to Kenly College February 25

The Division 2

Division 2 players will get another chance to explore Kenly College and get their hands on the Diamondback exotic rifle this week. Ubisoft says it’s reopening the expedition area after its limited-time run last year.

Kenly College was one of The Division 2’s first pieces of free add-on content in Year 1, and it changed up the normal pace of the game’s missions. Rather than moving through a linear level, Kenly had players take on three investigations in an abandoned school. These investigation threads crisscrossed back and forth across large areas, making the missions feel more freeform and organic than the missions found in the base game, which tended to have a single path through.

As a reward for completing all three investigation areas, you’ll be able to craft the Diamondback. This is an exotic lever-action carbine with a decorative rattlesnake wrapped around it from stock to muzzle. Despite its small five-round ammo capacity, it’s a deceptively lethal weapon thanks to its unique set of enhancement perks. It also adds to your armour when you reload while it’s equipped.

Here’s Ubisoft’s announcement:

The Kenly College expedition was only available for three weeks last summer, so if you missed your chance at it then, you’ve got another shot starting this week. It’s probably safe to assume that it’ll be rotated back out after another three weeks, so make sure to take advantage of it this time around.

To prepare, check out our rundown of all of The Division 2’s exotics, including the Diamondback. Forewarned is forearmed, as Popeye probably says. The first paid expansion, Warlords of New York, is coming March 3.