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This Skyrim mod adds giant rat companions, with stripes

Using this Skyrim mod, all you need is a special scroll sold by several merchants, and you too can be the leader of a band of massive rats

Rat companions Skyrim mod: A giant rat with a tiger's stripes in Skyrim

As we’ve established, we’re big fans of rats in videogames around these parts, and it’s no secret that we’re also fascinated by Skyrim mods. That’s why we’re pretty excited about this new Skyrim mod that adds giant rat companions to the RPG game. These aren’t just any rats, mind you – they come in a wide variety of exotic patterns.

The Scrolls for Rats Companions mod by gg77 adds a whole rainbow of potential giant rat companions to Skyrim. These designer rats come in a surprisingly diverse range of colourations and patterns: in addition to your standard white and black rats, there are tiger-striped rats, zebra rats, and ocelot rats. However, they only come in one size: large.

Once you’ve installed the mod, you can acquire your rat companion by visiting Whiterun and buying a special rat scroll from Hulda at the Bannered Mare or Belethor at the General Goods store. Find the scroll in your inventory, toss it at the ground, and poof! Your rat will have appeared, ready to follow you into the deepest tombs and highest mountain peaks in Skyrim.

Sadly, you still can only have one giant rat companion at a time. You’ll have to dismiss your current rat before you can try out a new one with a different fur pattern.

If you’ve been experimenting with the Immersive Rejections mod and need a companion who will never shoot you down, these giant rats may be just what the doctor ordered.