This Skyrim mod is basically Hogwarts Legacy

Can't wait for the upcoming Harry Potter RPG game? Well, this The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mod recreates the great Hogwarts Legacy magical wand combat

A witch with a wand prepares for the Hogwarts Legacy Skyrim mod

We’re still a way off from the Hogwarts Legacy release date, and if you can’t stand the wait, this Skyrim mod recreates the feel of the upcoming Harry Potter RPG game in an entirely different open-world game – or at least, the magical combat system.

One of the most impressive parts of the recent Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase was the fighting system, where players quickly duel with wands and zap off spells with flicks of the wrist. It looks a lot of fun, so it’s a shame the game isn’t out until late 2022. Luckily, modders are here to help. Elden Ring recently got a Harry Potter mod, but this upcoming one for Skyrim could have it beat.

‘Hogwarts in Skyrim’ by creator Smooth uses the ADXP/MCO mod as a base for smooth third-person combat, and then adds various combat moves inspired by the Hogwarts Legacy trailers – including wand attacks such as stupefy and glascius (freeze), a teleport-dodge, and some ridiculous ‘ultimate’ abilities like a big lightning storm.

You can check it out in action below. Sadly, the mod isn’t yet available publicly, although Smooth says they “plan to officially release it to the Nexus after a sufficient test period and revisions.”

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With Hogwarts Legacy now available to play, you may be better served actually playing the game, and with Hogwarts Legacy mods popping up every day, who knows, maybe there will even be an Elden Ring mod for the wizard simulator.

It’s not the only Skyrim mod that aims to recreate another great game, either, as one creator has a mod that basically adds the Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Nemesis system to the game.