The ‘Crazy Cat Person’ Skyrim mod just got a 2.0 overhaul

The revamped A Cat's Life 2.0 mod is now out, an overhaul of one of the best Skyrim mods ever to bring your crazy cat person RPG game fantasy to life

A bunch of relaxing cats star in this Skyrim mod, A Cat's Life 2.0

There are many fantastic The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mods out there but, in our unbiased opinion, the best Skyrim mod of all time allows the Dragonborn to own a cute little kitty cat. No, not a Khajiit. Now, the mod that turns the RPG game into a crazy cat person simulator has received an overhaul to be “more lightweight, intuitive, and immersive”. And add cat-napping.

The well-regarded Skyrim mod A Cat’s Life launched in 2020 with the express purpose of adding cat ownership to the fantasy game. With the mod, you can feed, pet, and adopt cats off the streets, or head to one of two brand new cat shops in Whiterun and Riften to buy one directly, along with various feline supplies. There’s even a new achievement called “crazy cat person.”

Now, A Cat’s Life 2.0 is here, which modder Darkfox127 describes as a “completely rescripted version of the mod built almost from the ground up to be more lightweight, intuitive and immersive.” The overhaul adds more polish, more options, and – if you’re an evil, thieving sort – cat-napping, if you want to live out your cat-stealing fantasies. You’ll get a bounty put on your head if you do, though, and it’d be well-deserved.

You can check it out in action below or download it for yourself from Nexus Mods.

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Unfortunately, this overhaul won’t work with vanilla Skyrim, and it likely won’t be compatible with the previous version of the mod either. That’s the price of being a cat owner.

If cats aren’t your thing, how about a giant rat companion Skyrim mod instead? Or, if you’d prefer to play Skyrim as a cat instead of owning one, check out that link.