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Skyrim now has Fallout’s weirdest trait - thanks to this skooma mod

This Skyrim mod turns skooma into the fantasy game's version of Fallout's Wild Wasteland trait, as you'll be seeing the strangest stuff in the Bethesda classic.

Skyrim now has Fallout’s weirdest trait - thanks to this skooma mod

By now we all know that Skyrim mods can do anything. Dedicated creators from all over the world are still rewriting and recontextualising Bethesda’s RPG game while the studio works towards the Starfield release date, and a brand new mod from a prolific creator essentially gives Skyrim the Wild Wasteland trait from Fallout New Vegas – using skooma.

Skyrim mod master JaySerpa has done it again, as ‘Skyrim on Skooma’ joins their previous creations that rework the Dark Brotherhood questline and turn the College of Winterhold into a proper school.

Despite a release date of April 1, Skyrim on Skooma is a very real mod, and it overhauls the Dunmer drink into a “proper recreational substance with 69 possible scenarios” while still aiming to be immersive, somehow.

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In this Skyrim mod, every time you consume skooma you’ll experience hallucinations for 60 seconds, where “you’ll be tripping balls, basically.” Cabbages with eyes, screen filters, dancing NPCs, giant sweetrolls, and a giant cheese mammoth are just the tip of the iceberg here. You’ll also get random music and visuals on top of the 69 effects, so the combinations are “multiplied by the thousands.”

Beware that you can get addicted to skooma in the Skyrim mod though, with a 25% chance of addiction coming after consumption, which lasts for 30 minutes, or if you continue to drink skooma. The idea of the mod is to see as many of the wild and wonderful scenarios as possible, and JaySerpa’s work sounds an awful lot like a Skyrim version of the Wild Wasteland trait from Fallout: New Vegas, which adds wacky wild encounters to your game if you have the trait unlocked. Who remembers the Indiana Jones fridge?

For the completionists among you, JaySerpa also notes that Skyrim on Skooma is filled to the brim with secrets, and they challenge you to uncover everything you can about by “embracing the madness” of their Skyrim mod.

You can download the Skyrim mod here, with instructions on how to download it and ways to customise or remove the visual effects to your liking found within as well.

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Image credit: JaySerpa