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Don’t tell Todd, but here’s Skyrim playing on a keyboard

A Skyrim fan's actually managed to get the RPG running on a keyboard

As one of the best RPG games of our time, Skyrim has seen plenty of different platforms and ports in its nine years so far – and now it’s come to yet another. One fan has, astonishingly, got the game running on a keyboard – yes, a keyboard.

Skyrim fan and hardware visionary Mr_Murdoc has posted footage of their achievement on the open-world game’s subreddit (which we’ve included  for you to see below), announcing: “So, I got Skyrim running on a keyboard”. The camera pans across, yep, a regular keyboard to its display screen and lo and behold, there’s the RPG’s famous opening scene playing out as a flurry of white pixels – game name, wagon full of prisoners on the way to their doom, and all. It’s naturally not as clear as an HD experience on the best gaming monitor, but it’s unmistakable – and an impressive feat.

The user’s explained in a follow-up comment how they did it, and what they did it on: a “SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL”, and using this program on Github “through the Steel Series Engine 3 app”.

This “is mirroring my screen while the game is run in window mode”, Mr_Murdoc explains. Take a look for yourself at Skyrim ported to a keyboard below:

So, I got Skyrim running on my keyboard. from r/skyrim

It’s not the only recent example of some of the best PC games being ‘ported’ to unusual platforms, either – for example, earlier this year a Doom fan got the classic shooter running on a pregnancy test (last year, Doom made it to an old cash register, too). Who knows where we’ll see Skyrim end up next.

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