The Finals open beta rewards

Get yourself into The Finals for some exclusive open beta rewards that you can carry on into the new FPS game show when it’s released.

A The Finals player in a panda mask, celebrating The Finals beta rewards.

What are The Finals beta rewards? The hype surrounding the free-to-play, Fortnite-like FPS game with a hint of Fall Guys is real, and the open beta is upon us, so you finally have the chance to squad up and drop into the chaos in a bid to reach The Finals. While it’s all fun and games, it’s only right that a successful fight to the finals is rewarded, right? So here’s everything you can earn – and keep – during The Finals open beta.

The Finals is an upcoming game combining elements of Valorant, Fortnite, and even Fall Guys as you team up against other trios in a chaotic battle for the win. Exuberant game show hosts commentate the action as you bust walls, build bridges, and decimate floors in a bid for fame. If you’re still not sure what any of this means, there’s no excuse not to jump into the free-to-play open beta for the FPS game and give it a try – but if you do need a reason to jump into The Finals open beta, there are some cosmetic rewards to claim on your climb to the top.

The Finals beta rewards level 1 to 8, showing off the legendary weapon skin.

All The Finals open beta rewards

It’s not often we see a battle pass type scheme in a beta, but that’s what we’ve got in The Finals, with 16 exclusive rewards available to earn and carry forward to the full game. From stickers, charms, and even full skins, here’s all 16 The Finals beta rewards:

  • Level 1: Legendary Ospuze Pourin’ weapon skin
  • Level 2: Rare Ospuze Pull Tab charm
  • Level 3: Epic Ospuze Bold sticker
  • Level 4: Rare Ospuze Pourin’ spray
  • Level 5: Legendary Ospuze Poppin’ weapon skin
  • Level 6: Rare Ospuze Pourin’ sticker
  • Level 7: Rare Ospuze Quench charm
  • Level 8: Legendary Ospuze Performin’ weapon skin
  • Level 9: Epic Spill Proof emote
  • Level 10: Rare Ospuze Pyro Pint charm
  • Level 11: Rare Ospuze Billboard spray
  • Level 12: Rare Ospuze grip cosmetic
  • Level 13: Rare Ospuze Pro Juice charm
  • Level 14: Epic Octopuze sticker
  • Level 15: Rare Octopuze OB Six Pack cosmetic
  • Level 16: Epic Ospuze Obstructor outfit

The Finals beta rewards, showing off an emote reward.

The level 1 weapon skin is awarded right away, and earning XP as you play pushes you up through the rest of the ranks, with 13,000 XP required to fill the bar in level 2. Presumably, this XP amount increases with your level, so you’re going to have to put in the work to get to level 16. Thankfully, you’ve got until November 5, 2023, to get access to the beta and fight your way up.

Now you’re definitely going to jump into The Finals open beta, it’s worth taking a look at The Finals system requirements to make sure you’re on top form. Since The Finals looks like it could be one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games on the horizon, you should also check out the details about The Finals crossplay, or just drop into one of our other favorite free PC games while you wait for the full The Finals release date.