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The Finals widens server capacity as player count soars

The Finals server capacity improvements are here, as the new FPS from former Battlefield devs hits a massive new player peak on Steam.

The Finals capacity improvements: a red smokey background with a women in a mask holding a gun in front

The Finals is still blowing up on Steam, as the free open beta for the destructible-environment game show FPS from former Battlefield developers shows a lot of promise in the already overcrowded shooter space. More improvements have also come to the game, as Embark Studios sees another player count record on Steam and announces that you should find the game smoother than before.

With an incredibly promising start to The Finals playtest, Embark Studios could very well have the next top multiplayer FPS game on its hands. After some The Finals matchmaking fixes took place this weekend, the team at Embark has revealed on the official Discord that server capacity has increased alongside other fixes, and the beta is certainly benefitting from that right now.

“Happy to report that we think the issue causing tournaments to freeze in between matches has been resolved. Hop into the arena and let us know if your experience has improved,” Embark says. “Also, we’ve managed to increase server capacity – boosting all three regions. This change is rolling out now and will continue over the next few hours.”

The Finals capacity improvements: a Discord screenshot on a yellow background

This server capacity increase is doing The Finals a favor because it’s already broken previous player records and sits at a 24-hour peak of 235,948 players on Steam alone (according to SteamDB). With The Finals beta not set to end for another week yet, I can see that number climbing even higher in the meantime.

You’ll want to keep an eye on The Finals servers while the game is live, and all the best The Finals classes to give you a leg up on the competition too. With all the destructible environments, how you approach the shooter genre has changed, and so have the best classes with it.

In the meantime, we’ve got everything you need to know about The Finals Twitch drops and how to claim them, alongside the best The Finals settings to maximize your fps and your in-game performance.