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Final The First Descendant beta lets you try its battle pass early

The First Descendant final beta lands soon, and you’ll get bonus currency and battle pass access during the looter shooter’s public test.

The First Descendant final beta lets you try its battle pass early - Gley, a pretty woman wearing dark glasses, rests her cheek against a rifle.

The untimely decline of Anthem and no real news on Borderlands 4 has me craving some classic looter shooter action, and The First Descendent beta showed enough real promise for that blend of Mass Effect style sci-fi and Diablo brand gear grinding that I’ve been keeping close tabs on its imminent launch. As we prepare for one final public beta for the multiplayer RPG before release, Nexon Games reveals that we’ll be able to “pre-experience” the first battle pass during the test run.

The First Descendant release date, which is currently loosely planned for some time in summer 2024, is feeling closer than ever as Nexon Games says this next public technical test will be the final one before launch. Even if you’ve already tried out The First Descendant during its previous public tests, you may want to check back in due to a wealth of updates, tweaking, and new features introduced since we were last given a hands-on look at the co-op, looter shooter RPG.

These changes include a rework to the open-world design to focus on tighter co-op gameplay, endgame Instance Dungeons that offer a scaling challenge with the ability to ramp up the difficulty and target specific gear rewards. Nexon Games has also just offered up an extensive video giving us a bit more of a look into the world and story of the Descendants and the AI ‘guide’ that only they can see.

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To help you dive into the new The First Descendant beta, Nexon Games is handing out a hefty chunk of in-game currency and other items, along with the ability to check out the game’s battle pass. You’ll be given regular rewards of Caliber, the main currency, as you reach certain mission milestones during the beta. You can use these to buy items through the in-game store, or use them on the premium pass to accelerate your progress.

Nexon Games notes that “you will not be able to use the bonus coins that will be given with the battle pass during this test,” but that “upon launch, you’ll be able to spend the coins at the bonus shop.” In addition to this, when you reach the end of the initial beta progression, you’ll be given Descendant equipment modules, Kuiper Shards, and Gold to help you gear out your character and get a better taste of what the full game has to offer.

The First Descendant final beta will run Saturday May 25 to Sunday May 26 on Steam. It’s available to all players, although it will be limited to PC only. To join, you can simply head over to the Steam store page and request access to the playtest.

If you’re thinking of joining in, you’ll want to first check in with The First Descendant system requirements to make sure your machine is ready to go. Then learn about how to unlock The First Descendant characters so you can try out a few and pick a favorite ahead of launch.

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