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The Outer Worlds leveling guide: increase your skills past level 50

Here’s what happens when you surpass level 50 in The Outer Worlds

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Looking to increase your skills past level 50 in The Outer Worlds? If you’ve already reached skill level 50 in The Outer Worlds, then you might not know what to do next. Up to level 50 you’ll only be able to allocate skills to core groups, but once you reach that magic level, you’ll have the added benefit of making very bad skill placing decisions that you’ll almost certainly regret later in the game.

There are seven groups of skills in The Outer Worlds: dialogue, tech, melee, ranged, stealth, defense, and leadership. On unlocking a skill, you can assign it to one of these groups, but when you reach level 50, you’ll be able to delve a little deeper into the skills within those groups such as sneak, hack, and lockpick under the core group, stealth.

Here’s everything you need to know about increasing your skills past level 50 in The Outer Worlds and without reaching this level, you won’t gain the benefits of being able to spend your skills on individual skills.

How to increase your skills past level 50 in The Outer Worlds

It’s worth taking a look at all the skills in The Outer Worlds, so you can familiarise yourself with the group of skills you want to focus on and lessen your chances of messing up your skill levels. While you can obtain the Holographic Shroud in The Outer Worlds, you’ll need to be an expert in manipulation and apply dialogue skills of a certain level.

Your Outer Worlds companions give you bonuses to your skills and stats, so it may be that you have a favourite companion and want to capitalise on the buffs they provide, or make up for the skill bonuses you’re lacking.

You won’t be able to choose individual skills until you’ve reached level 50 in The Outer Worlds, but once you have, you’ll be able to upgrade all your individual skills. By this time, you should have a pretty good understanding of the skills that are working for you, or those you need extra benefits from. For more ideas on perfecting your loadout, our guide to Outer Worlds perks and Outer Worlds weapons will help you on your way.