The Sims 4 is teaming up with Baby Tate, get ready to groove

The Sims 4 is bringing classic R&B throwbacks to its in-game radio during a collaboration with the iconic Baby Tate and a Simlish cover of her hit song.

Two female Sims dancing in a purple room while a bartender mixes drinks behind them

The Sims 4 is well-known for its frequent collaborations with celebrities and musicians. Some of my core memories of playing EA’s games include listening to Simlish versions of Katy Perry classics. It’s no surprise then that we Simmers get incredibly excited when The Sims 4 announces that a new pop icon is coming to the simulation game. This time around The Sims team has announced that Baby Tate is coming to bless all of our ears through the in-game stereos.

The Baby Tate song in question is none other than “What’s Love,” and our Sims will be able to listen to it in all of its Simlish glory. You can watch your Sims dance to the banging beat when it releases on Tuesday, June 20. The song will be coming to all of our games for free in the form of a Sims Delivery Express drop, which means you only need the free Sims 4 base game to groove out with Baby Tate when the track launches.

Once the song is officially out in-game, all you will need to do to hear it is click on your Sims’ stereo device and play the pop channel. You may have to skip through the station’s tracks to reach Baby Tate’s beat, but it shouldn’t take too long as there are not many R&B songs as of now. Let’s face it, The Sims 4 not having an R&B station in the first place like The Sims 3 did is pretty much criminal, but at least we have the Soul channel to listen to.

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I’m excited to get my groove on with some music I actually recognize rather than usual random Sims-specific songs. This is definitely a bit of a nostalgia trip, bringing us all back to our childhood Sims days listening to Lily Allen’s Simlish covers of her chart-topping songs. I hope this sparks some more collaborative efforts from The Sims team with pop artists, kind of like the recent release of Diablo 4’s anthem.

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