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The Sims 4 gets two new kits, merging goth with glamour

The Sims 4 has revealed two of its upcoming new packs, and they're the stunning community-voted Castle Estate and Goth Galore Kits.

The Sims 4 new kits: A woman with long dark hair wearing a purple top smiles, a blurred image of a castle behind her

The Sims 4 is getting two new kits soon as a part of EA’s ‘sensation’ roadmap, and they’re both community-voted packs containing some of the most stylish items the simulation game has seen. The Castle Estate and Goth Galore kits are underway, and I can’t wait. Whether you’re a goth girl or a castle-dwelling princess yourself, you’ll find something that matches your personality well as the new DLC blurs the lines between the dark and the glamorous.

It’s not often we see The Sims 4 break boundaries with its aesthetics, as many of us tend to cycle through a few of the simulation game‘s outfits, pieces of furniture, and exterior decorations constantly or simply look to tried and true custom content when designing our Sims or our houses. EA’s best DLC comes when the developer does see past those boundaries and looks to the community for input. These upcoming two kits are the perfect example.

The Sims 4 Castle Estate kit screenshot showcasing a massive palace with a green courtyard

The first of the community-voted kits is dubbed ‘Castle Estate,’ and I’d wager EA plucked it straight from my childhood princess-loving dreams. It features “iconic staples of the past,” giving us the opportunity to build full-blown castles and palaces adorned with “gothic arches, portcullis, grand entry doors, and more.” Combine this with the Romantic Garden pack and you can craft an enchanting fairytale home with a whimsical garden to boot.

Goth Galore, the other kit resulting from the DLC vote, doesn’t sound like it has much in common with Castle Estate’s glitz and glam, but it perfectly represents Simmers’ diversity. With high-lace boots and long coats, we can all recreate our early-2000s IMVU avatars. Despite the two kits’ differences, I’m excited to pair them together. Just picture it, a rich Victorian vampire with a taste for classic gothic architecture but more modern goth fashion.

The Sims 4 goth galore kit: A screenshot of Sims at a party wearing dark gothic-style clothing

EA says the Castle Estate and Goth Galore kits are both coming soon on Thursday, January 18. If we go off of the recent Sims 4 sensation roadmap, we also know that more content will drop between January and April 2024. The kits aren’t the only ones launching this season, as we still have a free Sims Delivery Express item to look forward to and other DLCs during this period.

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