New Sims 4 kits let you get sexy and soapy in style

New Sims 4 kits let players get sexy and spruce up their bathrooms in style with an underwear kit and a bathroom kit coming soon to the EA Maxis life game

The Sims 4 - a person looking happy as they stretch their arms in green and purple underwear

New Sims 4 kits are on the way, sprucing up one of the best life games on PC with some snazzy additions. Kits are the smallest DLC packs that are traditionally released for The Sims, and are small collections of items that aim to freshen up your game. This latest pair of updates for The Sims 4 is all about getting spicy and soapy, featuring a collaboration with underwear company MeUndies and a selection of new bathroom items.

The Sims 4 Simtimates Collection kit is a haul of underwear, lacey bodysuits, and playful boxer prints to help your Sims really feel themselves. EA says that the collection was designed in partnership with MeUndies, and aims to flatter every body type, explaining, “It is important to both MeUndies and The Sims, that people, and Sims, feel confident and empowered in their bodies, and by extension, their clothes.”

Also arriving at the same time is The Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter kit, which follows on from the Everyday Clutter kit that arrived in November. This washroom-centric collection helps you capture the feel of a real bathroom by leaving toothbrushes, combs, and that shampoo bottle you meant to throw out last week on the side. It also includes a range of wall decals for those of you who want to create a more kid-friendly bathroom.

The Sims 4 Simtimates Collection and Bathroom Clutter kits release on January 19. While it’s always nice to get a splash of new content, we’re still waiting on news of The Sims 4 infant update that is due early this year. Fans on social media are also wondering why the clutter packs are being released piecemeal, rather than having them grouped together into one of the slightly larger ‘stuff packs,’ which EA appears to have largely moved away from.

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