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The only Wheel of Time game is remastered on GOG

The Wheel of Time game remastered? The only game based on Robert Jordan's fantasy game series is an FPS-RPG, and it's been re-released on GOG at last

The logo for The Wheel of Time game remastered on GOG

Nightdive and GOG have released a remaster of the only major The Wheel of Time game ever made. It’s an OG Unreal Engine-powered mix of RPG and FPS game from the team behind Unreal II: The Awakening, and it’s finally been re-released as part of GOG’s “Good Old Games” revival.

Despite being a beloved license – which recently got a TV series on Amazon Prime – Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time saga has never really made a mark on videogames – other than the recent crossover with New World. Now, the one major Wheel of Time game ever made is available remastered exclusively on GOG.com for $9.99 / £6.99.

Set 150 years before the books or Amazon’s TV show, the fantasy game is basically a magic-based FPS with a sprinkling of RPG elements – a little similar to Dishonored developer Arkane’s earlier game Dark Messiah, or more direct FPSs like Hexen or Amid Evil. Familiar locations such as the crumbling city of Shadar Logoth, the Mountains of Mist, and the White Tower all feature.

It’s part of GOG’s return to the name ‘Good Old Games’, with the storefront stating that “our goal is for GOG to become, once again, the best place for classic PC games”. It’s tagged over 500 games as part of this initiative.

You can check out the totally confusing official trailer for The Wheel of Time below.

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Here’s a playthrough if you want to see what The Wheel of Time actually plays like.

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Also in the news this week, the second Wheel of Time author Brandon Sanderson received an offer to collaborate with Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco, perhaps for a new Soulslike game – which the writer already had a pitch for.

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