This Wonderlands interactive map is great for collectable hunting

A group of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands fans have put together an interactive map to make collectables hunting for the new PC game all that easier

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands interactive map: a foe takes to the screen while floating down a purple alley

If you’ve been blasting your way through the fantasy lands of recently released looter-shooter Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you’ll know that it’s packed to the brim with all sorts of hidden trinkets and collectables to nab around every corner. Thankfully, Map Genie, who has put together interactive maps for a ton of major games, is already hard at work on a map to cover all your Wonderlands needs.

The site offers extensive maps with pins for just about everything you can pin down to a single location – whether that be collectables such as the loot-boosting Lucky Dice, Lost Marbles, Poetry Pages, and Shrine Pieces, major loot chest and unique equipment locations, or core game progression spots including fast travel points, named enemy encounters, and quest-giving NPCs.

In addition to filling out checklists and satisfying those completionist urges, many of the collectables in Wonderlands provide you with immediate rewards such as bonus loot whilst also offering tangible permanent upgrades to your character’s stats – making them essential for any players looking to max out their character sheets.

As with other offerings from Map Genie, the map is fully interactive, meaning you can toggle the various pins on and off or perform custom searches to more clearly see the things that are most useful to you. The map is also very clean, making it a nice companion piece to fighting your way through the colourful worlds of Bunkers & Badasses if you’re finding the in-game map offering a little clunky to navigate.

Map Genie does note that the map is still a work in progress and that certain items may not be shown yet. However, their work on other releases has been convenient in the past, and they’re already well underway with other recently-released titles such as Elden Ring and Ghostwire Tokyo. There’s also the option to upgrade to a “Pro” version of a map for additional features such as custom pins and the ability to mark off objects as you discover them.

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If you’re still undecided on Gearbox’s follow-up to Borderlands, our Wonderlands review from Phil Iwaniuk described it as “a game world I genuinely enjoy spending time in” and a testament to the developers that they’ve kept a well-worn formula feeling fresh.

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