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Titanfall 2 just got a mysterious new game mode

Respawn Entertainment just updated Titanfall 2 with a mysterious new game mode that has players hopeful for a collaboration or a possible third game.

Titanfall 2 robot mech suit with glowing blue eyes wields a large gun

Titanfall 2 holds a special place in many FPS game players’ hearts, featuring a captivating campaign story and thrilling multiplayer game modes to enjoy with other Titans. The game recently received an out-of-the-blue fresh breath of life as developer Respawn Entertainment quietly resurrected Titanfall 2‘s multiplayer matchmaking. Alongside the return of multiplayer functionality came additional content, it seems, as eagle-eyed fans have spotted an entirely new game mode shrouded in mystery.

If you weren’t yet aware, Titanfall 2’s fixed its multiplayer. Respawn Entertainment updated the shooter, fixing its matchmaking bug. The developer did something even bigger, updating the in-game playlist with a new playable mode. It has been literal years since we’ve seen this sort of change in Titanfall.

The game mode’s description only adds to the mystery, as it reads “Your rockets will blot out the sun.” If you’ve ever watched 300, the epic historical action film about the ancient Battle of Thermopylae, then you may recognize the quote. In the movie, a warrior professes that the many archers’ arrows would “blot out the sun.”

Titanfall 2 screenshot showing the mysterious game mode

A screenshot, courtesy of Dexerto, shows the curious multiplayer game mode and its accompanying message. The mode itself just says “???” making it especially mind-boggling. Could this be the resurgence the Titanfall sequel needed, or could this hint toward an entirely new entry, the highly anticipated third Titanfall?

While Titanfall 3 development shut down so that Apex Legends could come to fruition, Apex Legends’ own patch notes contain some sort of Titanfall-related mystery. The three numbers in the form of Unix timestamps seen in the notes allude to the release dates of Titanfall, its sequel, and Apex Legends.

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