Here’s the release time for The Division 2’s new season

The Division 2's Season 3 kicks off September 22, and here's when you'll be able to jump in

Season 3 of The Division 2 is about to get underway, and we now know exactly when to expect it. Title Update 11, which updates the game and kicks off the new season, will start with a server shutdown at 00:30 PDT / 3:30 EDT / 8:30 BST September 22 and take about three hours. On PC, you’ll have a 7.7GB patch to download.

The biggest new addition coming to The Division 2 in Season 3 is the new PvE mode, The Summit. This is a 100-story skyscraper that you’ll have to clear floor by floor, killing a boss on every tenth floor. You’ll be running into all of the MMO game‘s factions on your way up, and on floors 81-100, you’ll be up against the White Tusk, who sound like even more of a problem than the heavily armed Black Tusk we’ve been seeing since the conclusion of the campaign.

A new season also means the start of a new Manhunt, and this time your target is Bardon Schaeffer. He’s one of the last remaining leaders of the Black Tusk, and the Division would like to have a bit of a chat with him about his efforts to destabilise the SHD network.

The Division 2 is also adding a new discovery mode for its raid, Operation Iron Horse. This way, you’ll be able to poke around in the raid with “less intensive” mechanics in place, which is meant to give you a bit of an orientation tour before attempting the full experience. You won’t be able to earn raid-exclusive rewards in discovery mode, but there’s still standard gear drops to make it worthwhile.

Title Update 11 also adds three new exotics, a new gear set, a new gear brand, two new weapons, four new named items, and a new skill variant called Shrapnel Trap that you’ll get for taking down this season’s prime target.

You can read more over at The Division 2 subreddit. There’s a ton of rebalancing, bug fixing, and additional tweaking coming along in the upcoming patch, so it may be time to get the Division 2 crew back together for another jaunt around DC and Manhattan.