Total Warhammer 3’s DLC might reflect Warhammer: The Old World updates

Creative Assembly says it plans to "accomodate" changes made to classic armies when The Old World arrives on tabletops

With Total War: Warhammer III set to expand the strategy game series into the Realm of Chaos, its Mortal Empires melting pot is due for another shake-up. That’s thanks partially to the new factions arriving in the next game, but may also incorporate as-yet unreleased products from Warhammer publisher Games Workshop.

Games Workshop blew up its long-running Warhammer Fantasy Battles game in 2015 with a cataclysmic event that led to the Age of Sigmar – an almost completely new set of armies, models, settings, and rulesets. In 2019, however, the company announced that it was working on Warhammer: The Old World – a return to the original setting that Archaon had destroyed.

Total Warhammer III game director Ian Roxburgh tells us that Creative Assembly has an “extensive plan” for its Warhammer series that extends well beyond the launch of Total War: Warhammer III. That will of course involve the run of DLC add-ons and free updates that each of the games has enjoyed, and Roxburgh hints that there’s “flexibility” to account for what’s happening on the tabletop side. That could mean changes to factions that have been in the Total War fantasy series since day one.

Games Workshop hasn’t shared a lot of information about Warhammer: The Old World yet, though our sister site Wargamer has a handy round-up of what there is to know so far. So Roxburgh can’t yet commit to specifics, but he emphasised to us that Creative Assembly maintains a “very close working relationship” with Games Workshop, and that the goal with the evolving Mortal Empires campaign is to deliver “everything in the IP” to the games’ fans.

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“That was the philosophy from the beginning, and we’ve gone about doing that bit by bit,” he says. “And so, I’m pretty sure if [Games Workshop does] stuff, we will accommodate that post release. Can’t promise anything, and we don’t know exactly everything that’s going to happen … so I’ll be surprised if you’re not going to see a good synergy between what you see from [Games] Workshop and what you see from us.”

The Total War: Warhammer III release date hasn’t been set yet, but we know it’s due out later this year.