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Total Warhammer 3’s next DLC arrives this month

Creative Assembly has revealed the release date for Thrones of Decay, as well as new details on the Empire's Elspeth von Drakken and her abilities.

Total War Warhammer 3‘s next DLC, Thrones of Decay, is a bit of a make-or-break moment for the game following the criticism and uproar that ensued in the wake of Shadows of Change. However, Creative Assembly seems determined to put things right, and we now know that the next major DLC has a firm release date.

Total War Warhammer 3‘s Thrones of Decay release date is set for April 30, the studio has announced. It’s actually split into three distinct DLC packages, one for each of the new legendary lords it’ll be adding to the strategy game.

We’ve also gotten a fresh look at one of those lords in action. A new gameplay trailer showcases Elspeth von Drakken, the Empire’s Dark Lady of Nuln. Also known as the Graveyard Rose, Elspeth draws powerful magic power from the Lore of Death, and has control of the Empire’s formidable gunnery school located at Nuln.

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The snippet of the Immortal Empires campaign shown off in the trailer above looks mighty exciting, and it hits on many of the core elements that make Total Warhammer so much fun. Sure, Lady Elspeth can hold her own on the battlefield with her fearsome scythe, but getting her Carmine Dragon mount unlocked looks like a guaranteed good time.

Elspeth can also eventually unlock high-tier Amethyst Order units, and the Imperial Gunnery School allows her to experiment with weapons programs that nobody else has access to. Finally: artillery gets the love it so richly deserves.

There’s loads more information on Elspeth and her updated Empire roster over on the official Total War blog.

As we’ve reported, the Thrones of Decay DLC packs will arrive alongside Patch 5.0, which will make significant changes to the base game whether or not you buy any of the DLC.

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