Tower of Fantasy simulacrum Annabella release date announced

The newest Tower of Fantasy simulacrum is on the way, with the Annabella release date set for early January as the maid sniper joins the open-world anime game

Tower of Fantasy character Annabella - a young woman in a maid outfit with a large, futuristic sniper rifle

Hotta Studio announces the Tower of Fantasy simulacrum Annabella release date, letting us know just how soon we’ll be able to add the flame sniper wearing a maid outfit to our roster. The list of Tower of Fantasy characters available in the worldwide release continues to grow, with this new DPS character making her debut in the anime game in just a few days.

The Tower of Fantasy simulacrum Annabella release date is January 12. As with other characters, she’s been available for a while in the Chinese version of the game – which is still a little ahead of the worldwide release, although it seems that gap continues to close as developer Hotta Studio pushes through updates to the worldwide version at an increased pace.

Annabella promises to be a great addition to any flame team, with the ability to function as your primary damage source in the right composition. Her weapon is the Clover Cross, a sniper rifle that can deal outstanding damage with its Scoped Shot and has the Peace of Mind effect, which converts 50% of excess crit rate (over 100%) into crit damage, meaning that you don’t need to worry too much about overloading your critical chance. She also gets a really handy lifesteal heal when advanced to A3.

Her skill, Backup Magazine, lets her swap between a Firebomb Magazine that explodes for area-effect flame damage, and a Gasbomb magazine that slows enemies in its radius and can be detonated using Twilight Arc for a big explosion that reduces the flame resistance of affected targets.

Finally, Annabella’s discharge is Missile Command, which clears all her debuffs and throws out a firebomb that she can then snipe to detonate, dealing huge damage to targets within range while making Annabella temporarily immune to incoming damage.

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Keep an eye on our guide to the upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners to see where you can get your hands on Annabella. Time will tell how she slots into our Tower of Fantasy tier list of the best simulacra and weapons. In the meantime, be sure to make sure you haven’t missed out on any Tower of Fantasy codes for extra gear and goodie giveaways.