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Tower of Fantasy player shares cool movement tech PSA

A Tower of Fantasy player shares a cool movement tech PSA that combines two tools in the open-world anime RPG game to more easily get around in ruins

Tower of Fantasy movement tech PSA - new character Frigg, a red-haired lady with pink eyes

One helpful Tower of Fantasy player shares a PSA about some cool movement tech that helps players navigate the anime game’s open world. The Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update has already been revealed, but most players are still working their way through the initial release areas. While there are plenty of ways to explore the environment quickly, such as the wide variety of Tower of Fantasy vehicles and a handy grappling hook baked into your Cybernetic Arm relic, there are certain areas of the game where your options are more limited.

Reddit user Illunimous notes the power of the Cybernetic Arm, which can quickly pull you up to all sorts of remote locations, effectively bypassing a lot of awkward climbing and platforming. However, several locations including ruins and story mode zones restrict your ability to use the Cybernetic Arm – unless you make use of a nifty workaround.

As Illunimous explains, the Omnium Handcannon relic has a rather novel effect that creates an energy pillar upon striking the ground or a water surface that lasts for up to 20 seconds. This pillar can be climbed on – and, crucially, the Cybernetic Arm’s grapple can also latch onto it. This means that by shooting your Omnium Handcannon at the location you want to travel to, you can quickly grapple over to the pillar with the Cybernetic Arm.

How to get Cybernetic Arm and Omnium Handcannon in Tower of Fantasy

If you’re currently missing either of the tools to pull this trick off, fear not – we’ve got you covered. The Cybernetic Arm can be unlocked from the relics menu once you have collected 20 Cybernetic Arm Shards. Alternatively, it can be obtained from the SR Relic shard box if you have one, or you can get one by purchasing the Rookie Pack for real money.

Cybernetic Arm Shards can be found from world bosses, earned by increasing store points, found when completing events, or given in certain chests. However, they’re also used to upgrade the Cybernetic Arm – so if you have an SR Relic shard box, that’s probably your best option.

The Omnium Handcannon is found in a treasure chest at the starting area in Ruin A-03. You’ll need it to explore the rest of that ruin, so you can’t miss it. Once you have both relics, you’re set to combine their effects and take full advantage of your newfound mobility to explore those more challenging environments with much greater ease.

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