Tower of Fantasy update 2.3 takes you to a Miasmic Swamp in February

The Tower of Fantasy update 2.3 release date is set for the start of February with new bosses found in the Miasmic Swamp map coming to the open-world anime game

Tower of Fantasy update 2.3 - Jörmungandr, a tall woman with long blue hair over her face and a wide-brimmed hat

Tower of Fantasy update 2.3 is coming to the open-world anime MMORPG soon, as developer Hotta Studio shows us the new map and monsters in a trailer for the ToF 2.3 ‘Wandering Amidst Miasma’ update. The update also celebrates the six-month anniversary for the worldwide release of Tower of Fantasy, which the team is planning to celebrate with “tons of events and rewards for players” including nuclei and dark crystals to help you level up in Tower of Fantasy.

The Tower of Fantasy update 2.3 release date is February 2. The next ToF patch is titled ‘Wandering Amidst Miasma’ and includes new story content, creatures, bosses, and more, all taking place in a new map. The Miasmic Swamp is the next rather enticing-sounding area of Vera that we’ll be exploring in the 2.3 update, and Hotta tells us it’s packed with “rock-layered valleys and rainforest-like vegetation,” making it quite the leap from the dry deserts of Vera and the neon-soaked streets of Mirroria.

The update promises new interactive elements to discover in the Miasmic Swamp, with “vibrant Neon Mushrooms and mysterious Egg Devices” sounding particularly tantalising; Hotta says that these will introduce some new puzzle-solving mechanics, which should further mix up exploring the swampy section of Vera.

Two new Tower of Fantasy bosses are joining the fray in the 2.3 update. Jörmungandr is a vicious claymore-wielder who stands tall in a wide-brimmed hat that gives her some rather Lady Dimitrescu-like vibes, while Eva is a mysterious volt-aligned world boss that uses its iron antennae to deadly effect. You’ll have to watch out for their multiple phases as you work together to bring them down.

There will also be three new instances in update 2.3. Carnival Party pits your wanderer in a unique encounter against a band that utilises guitar and vocals to attack you. Pursuit of Fate sees you zooming between encounters in a speedy race car. Finally, Origin of War is a seasonal multiplayer event that has you climbing towers together.

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We’ll be sure to bring you all the details on the next Tower of Fantasy update as it comes, along with any new Tower of Fantasy characters. Recently arriving on the scene is Tower of Fantasy simulacrum Annabella, a “grenade maid” with a deadly sniper rifle.

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