Tower of Fantasy update adds ray tracing and DX12 as Annabella arrives

The Tower of Fantasy update for January 11 introduces ray tracing and DirectX 12 support to the PC anime game, ahead of new simulacrum Annabella’s release date

Tower of Fantasy update - Annabella, a sniper in a maid outfit, holds a hand up

A Tower of Fantasy update has arrived introducing ray tracing and DirectX 12 support to the PC version of the Genshin Impact-like anime game. The open-world RPG from Hotta Studio is continuing to push through updates in an attempt to bring the worldwide release in line with the Chinese version of the game, with new Tower of Fantasy character Annabella due to release on January 12.

The Tower of Fantasy maintenance is already done, so you should be able to log in and check out the new update. If you want to take advantage of the new features, you can go to the system options in the Tower of Fantasy launcher and change the DirectX version to DX12, which is required for ray tracing support. You’ll also need a graphics card that can support ray tracing, at which point you’ll be able to turn it on in the in-game settings.

Annabella is due to join the upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners as the flame sniper arrives in 2.0 region Vera. The update also details an Annabella limited cache and Annabella Couture gift pack, both of which are available from January 12 – February 1. In addition, a Ruby Couture skin is available from the Crimson Ruby event, which runs January 19-26.

We also get a look at new simulacrum Annabella and her signature sniper rifle, Clover Cross, in a simulacrum showcase video from Hotta Studio. The three-minute extravaganza showcases her agile moves, long-range potency, and the option to switch between two special ammunition types, alternating between flame explosions and a gas-based attack that can drop affected targets’ flame resistance.

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