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FEAR-inspired slow-mo FPS is blowing up on Steam

Trepang2 is a new FEAR-inspired FPS game published by Team17, and it's already spreading among the Steam shooter community like wildfire.

Men wearing SWAT-like uniforms with lights walk through blue smoke with guns in hand

Trepang2 has been absolutely crushing it since its recent release, garnering massive amounts of positive ratings and topping people’s wishlists all over the globe. The FPS game feels like an unofficial sequel to FEAR for many, as Trepang2 carries the same action-packed thrill fans had missed. After just a week of being on sale, the shooter published by Team17 has reached a wide audience and received thousands of positive reviews on Steam.

Trepang Studios’ new Steam FPS is the perfect spiritual successor to a game like FEAR. It’s gory, it’s violent, and it packs a bullet hell punch like no other. The shooter launched just over a week ago, arriving on Steam on Wednesday, June 21. In not even ten full days, Trepang2 has managed to snag an overwhelmingly positive rating overall with over 2,000 reviews on Steam.

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The game thrusts you into the shoes of an escaped soldier endowed with supernatural abilities but no working memory. All you feel is rage, and an overwhelming need to enact revenge. The explosive gameplay coupled with the optional slow-motion feature makes for a Matrix-type action film… but in video game form. If you want to read one of the thousands of reviews to see what the hype is all about, check out Trepang2 on Steam here.

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