Type Soul codes September 2023

Here's a full list of the latest Type Soul codes for this action-packed Roblox game, including instructions on how to redeem them and where to find more.

Five anime-like men with swords fighting for Type Souls codes.

September 29, 2023: We added 4 new Type Soul codes to our list.

What are the new Type Soul codes? Death does not mean the end in this anime-inspired game, and no matter if you pick to become a Soul Reaper or one of the Hollow, you’ll need the best gear if you want to survive.

While there are many Roblox games based on popular anime, this up-and-coming action adventure will eventually have a lineup of freebies to win. However, while you’re waiting for new Type Soul codes, check out the latest Project Slayers codes or Blox Fruits codes if you’re in the market for freebies in other anime-inspired Roblox games.

New Type Soul codes

Here are all the active Type Soul codes:

  • apologyforlate  rerolls (New)
  • slowpace  rerolls (New)
  • thehonoredone – rerolls (New)
  • triplethreat – rerolls (New)
  • middayfixes – rerolls
  • segundanextupdate – rerolls
  • 100kfavourites rerolls
  • fixedoldcode – rerolls
  • latenightupdate – rerolls
  • eumorningupdate – free rerolls
  • shikaireroll – rerolls
  • 80klikes – rerolls
  • updatecomingsoon – rerolls
  • shutdownsrry – rerolls
  • newgame – soul ticket
  • tyforfollows – rerolls
  • 55klikes – weapon reroll
  • 10klikes – free pill
  • sorryforshutdown – free soul ticket

The Type Souls codes can be redeemed in the area circled at the bottom left in orange.

How do I redeem Type Soul codes?

Here is how you can redeem Type Soul codes:

  • Open Type Soul from the official Roblox website.
  • Start the game.
  • Click the coins in the bottom-left corner of the screen to bring up a text box.
  • Enter the code and press enter to redeem it.

How do I get more Type Soul codes?

Your best bet is to keep checking this page, as we will update it regularly with Type Souls codes as soon as the developer issues them. Alternatively, if you don’t mind signing up, you can also keep an eye on the Type Soul Discord server.

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