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V Rising player counts soars as Secrets of the Gloomrot thrives

Stunlock Studios has just released its first big expansion for survival game V Rising, Secrets of Gloomrot, and the player count has subsequently skyrocketed.

Official art from V Rising showcasing vampire riding on horseback while holding up a red sword

Swedish video game developer Stunlock Studios has recently dropped the first giant update for V Rising, its hit survival game. The expansion, dubbed Secrets of Gloomrot, has taken the game’s community by storm following a year-long drought in V Rising without additional content patched in. Since its release last May, the bloodthirsty player count has hit another high on Steam.

If you’re anything like me, then you have been waiting very impatiently to hear more about Secrets of Gloomrot. After releasing on May 17, 2022, V Rising captured the hearts of many players globally. From fans like me who had been waiting at the very edge of their seats for any news on good vampire games, to frequent players in other multiplayer titles focusing on building and crafting, there was no shortage within V Rising’s community of dedicated gamers.

V Rising sales were flying high upon the game’s release, hitting over a million copies sold just within the first week. Following the initial hype, however, everything quietened down and the playerbase slowly began to die off. This was largely due to the game being in early access, with no set additional content coming.

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Everything changed with the arrival of Secrets of Gloomrot, from its additional castle floors to its new V Blood bosses. I’ve been having a blast with it thus far, and it comes as no surprise to me that the game is now celebrating its player count yet again. Within the first few days of the expansion’s release, V Rising has hit over 50,000 players concurrently.

To celebrate the update’s launch, Stunlock Studios has also put into place a nice V Rising sale where you can grab both the base game and one of its cosmetic DLC packs for 20% off. In my opinion, there is no better time to dust off your coffin and get hunting.

Over 50,000 players are on V Rising now

If you are wanting to sink your fangs back into V Rising for Secrets of Gloomrot, be sure to check out our favorite V Rising base locations. If you are new to the game and not sure where to start, you can also browse through some of our V Rising beginners tips and tricks to help you on your vampiric way.