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V Rising offline play is coming this week, devs say

Players have been asking for a V Rising offline play mode, and Stunlock Studios says it'll be available in the "next couple of days"

V Rising offline play will be available later this week, letting players wield powerful magic as shown in this elegant castle hallway where a fountain of energy is erupting from the blue-tiled floor.

Vampire survival game V Rising has been a smash hit on Steam since entering Early Access this week. However, the need for a persistent internet connection has proven as troublesome for some players as a garlic necklace. Fortunately, developer Stunlock Studios has said it’ll be adding the ability to play offline promptly – possibly before the end of the week.

“Many players have been asking about the status of offline play, and the ability to play on a private server with absolutely no connection to the internet,” the developers say in a message to the official V Rising Discord server. “Right now, the game doesn’t allow for this, but it’s fully our intention that it does.”

Stunlock says offline play is currently prioritised, and that the studio estimates that it will be available “some time in the next couple of days, but may be earlier.” The studio also apologised to players who have had difficulties due to unstable internet connections or other obstacles to jumping into V Rising and testing out their new fangs.

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