V Rising update makes getting upstairs easier

The latest V Rising update from developer Stunlock Games moves stairs to a more visible location in the survival game’s build menus, alongside graphical updates

V Rising stairs update makes getting upstairs easier: person riding a horse up a large stair set

Where are the stairs in V Rising? That’s a question many players of the new vampire survival game have apparently been asking, because the new update moves them to a more visible location. There are also several performance tweaks available for the open-world game, which has been skyrocketing up the charts with over 1 million copies of V Rising sold on Steam in its first week.

The V Rising patch 0.5.41591 notes include the line “Stairs have been added to the castle floors tab in the build menu to make it easier for players to find them.” So if you’ve been wondering how to get upstairs in your castle, now it should be a little easier to do so! Sliding threateningly up staircases has been a key tenet of being a vampire since the days of classic 1922 silent film Nosferatu – that’s where all the juicy people sleep, after all.

Among the performance improvements added are a texture quality setting and an FPS limit option, which should both come as welcome additions for players with less graphical oomph in their machines. A performance issue caused when fighting night marshal Styx the sunderer has also been rectified.

Developer Stunlock Games says the game will update automatically when not open, so you can get your hands on this latest fix quickly.

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