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Valheim Mistlands update will add a magic forge, and shrooms

The Valheim Mistlands update will be adding a new crafting station to produce the kind of gear you'll need to take on the region's mystical monstrosities

Valheim Mistlands forge: A curved stone table with a large pool of molten, flaming metal on the right connected via a narrow channel to a smaller circular pool carved into the left side

The Valheim Mistlands update will be introducing the Viking game’s first new biome since it launched in Early Access, and that means it’s going to include a whole menagerie of new fearsome beasts to contend with. You’ll need new gear to do that, and the devs at Iron Gate have provided a peek at how you’ll be creating your new arsenal.

The new Mistlands crafting station looks like a cross between a blacksmith’s forge and an occult altar in the new piece of concept art the devs have shared in the latest post on Steam. It’s semi-circular, with a small pool carved in one side that’s connected via a narrow channel to a large pool of molten metal, from which arcane flames lick the air. There’s a stone quenching tank off to the right-hand side.

The developers say you’ll need this new crafting station in order to create “many of the Mistlands tier weapons.” These you’ll need, they explain, because “a regular forge can only get you so far, and to battle what you’ll find in the Mistlands you’ll need something with… a little extra.”

One of those weapons is likely this Mistlands bow, which appears to be made out of the vertebrae of something fairly large (and probably scary). The only new Mistlands creatures we’ve seen so far is a rabbit – this may look cute and cuddly, but as Monty Python has taught us, it could very well be a murderous terror.

The devs also showed off art for two new species of mushroom that you’ll be able to find in the Mistlands. What they do and how you’ll be able to use them is still a mystery, but they look potent.

We’ve collected everything we know about the Valheim Mistlands update in our Valheim updates roadmap story, but so far that doesn’t include a specific Mistlands patch release date – although we’re hopeful that it’ll be out sometime this year.