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Valheim update shows off new Mistlands creatures and ruins

Developer Iron Gate has posted a Valheim update teasing new Mistlands creatures and ruins, showing development of a hare for the survival game’s new biome

Valheim Mistlands update: a large stone building with pillars on the four courners

Developer Iron Gate has posted a short but tantalising Valheim update to the game’s Steam news page, providing fresh information on development for the survival game’s newest Mistlands biome. The update shows off a couple of structures that the Valheim dev team has been working on for the Mistlands, with some rather striking stone designs, as well as unveiling the biome’s first mammal, the Mistlands hare.

The work-in-progress Mistlands area, which is the first new biome since the game’s release, is still under construction. While you can visit it in-game, there is currently very little there and no active creature spawns can be found. Originally it featured giant trees and spiderwebs, although these were removed in a patch last November and the current location is fairly barren.

The Iron Gate team says that “just like the other areas of Valheim, the Mistlands were once a place where civilisations of old built homes and strongholds alike. In the past month we have been finalising the designs of these structures and we quite like how they fit in the world!” The devs note that these designs may change somewhat before they arrive in the final game, as they have been built mostly intact but the intention is to turn them into weathered ruins to emphasise their age.

Along with these structures comes a new creature for the Mistlands – the Mistlands hare. Iron Gate recently uploaded a speed modelling video to their YouTube channel showing off the creation process for this adorable mammal, which will be one of several creatures that can be found in the biome. The devs state that there are other inhabitants under construction for the Mistlands, although they want to keep them a surprise for a while longer.

Alongside this update, Iron Gate notes that they are continuing to look into a solution for a cloud sync issue that has seen some players lose their saves due to them being overwritten by an earlier version. The fix will come to the Valheim public test branch before going to the live servers, so if you want to help with testing you can do so there.

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There are plenty more things to come in the Valheim roadmap, including more Mistlands updates, so be sure to keep an eye on that. We also have you covered on the best Viking games on PC if Valheim has whet your appetite for more Norse action.