Valheim devs recommend Amon Amarth as background music

Viking metal, what else would you be listening to?

Sometimes it helps to stick on some tunes while playing a survival game like Valheim, to get in the mood, and keep energy levels high when foraging for supplies. If you’re looking for a recommendation, developer Iron Gate has exactly one in mind.

We asked Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson what metal band is best paired with the Viking game, and he reckons there’s only one group for it. “Obviously anything by Amon Amarth!” He says. “That’s the music of the development of the game.”

If you’re unfamiliar, Amon Amarth are a Viking metal band. As in, they are a bunch of tall, bearded lads from Sweden with long hair who play massive riffs backed by thunderous drums, use growling vocals, and all their songs are about Norse history and mythology. It’s a match made in Valhalla, really. It’s comforting to know the team had the right kind of music on in the background when developing the open-world game. Songs like ‘The Way of Vikings’, ‘At Dawn’s First Light’, and ‘The Pursuit of Vikings’ are perfect for staying motivated, determined, and in service of Odin.

Here’s one of Amon Amarth’s more famous music videos:

The band takes the Viking life on tour, too – check out their live show:

If I may be so bold, I’ve a few other bands that might help flesh out your Valheim playlist: Blind Guardian, Korpiklaani, 3 Inches of Blood, Bolt Thrower, Dream Evil, and Ireland’s own Primordial, for the long nights waiting for dawn’s break.

Iron Gate also told us about how Valheim was inspired by the original PlayStation, and the possibility of transporting ore through portals. We have guides for the best Valheim mods, and best Valheim weapons, to make your Viking trails as prosperous as possible.