Valorant Episode 3 patch is out, with a new agent KAY/O and lots of fixes

The competitive shooter has a new Initiator, and an annoying audio bug has been fixed

The Episode 3 update is out now for Riot’s multiplayer game Valorant, and with it comes a new agent named KAY/O – he’s a hulking war machine mech who acts as an Initiator, and he’s got a knife that shuts down abilities in the area where he tosses it. But Episode 3 also includes a major patch that makes fixes and adjustments to Valorant’s agents, weapons, and basic systems that players ought to know about, too.

In addition to his Zero/Point throwing knife, KAY/O’s abilities include Flash/Drive (Q), which equips a blinding flash grenade. His C is Frag/Ment, which as you may have guessed equips an explosive grenade. X is Null/CMD, which overloads KAY/O and sends pulses of energy from his body that suppress enemy agents. During Null/CMD, KAY/O gains a combat stim. If he’s downed while ulting, he enters a destabilized state and can be revived by teammates.

You can read the full patch notes on the official Valorant site. The introduction of more new Valorant characters has prompted a tuning pass on the rest of the roster, Riot says – that includes removing both Breach’s and Skye’s third flash charge (while buffing other parts of their kits) and reverting the trapwire interaction for Jett and Cypher.

Also of note, Riot seems to have addressed the issue plaguing Valorant’s voice chat. Users on Reddit report that, while it doesn’t appear in the patch notes, the issue seems to have been resolved in the latest update.

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