New Valorant knife skin is the perfect way to celebrate VCT in style

Ahead of VCT LOCK//IN, the FPS game's biggest competition yet, Riot has revealed a new Valorant knife skin that's a must for avid fans of all things stabby.

New Valorant knife skin is the perfect way to celebrate VCT in style

As an avid cosmetic collector, nothing makes me happier than new Valorant skins. So, when Riot announced the latest addition to the FPS game‘s cosmetic arsenal in the form of the Misericórdia VCT LOCK//IN capsule melee, I genuinely squealed – and you should, too.

Ahead of Riot’s biggest Valorant tournament to date, the esports behemoths have unveiled the VCT LOCK//IN capsule, a limited-time drop that contains exclusive cards, an adorable Raze spray, and, of course, that Misericórdia knife I’m so excited about.

The melee skin is a futuristic, black army knife encased in four different colours of crystal that represent different regions. The Americas are green, the Pacific is blue, and EMEA is purple, while the red variation celebrates the VCT esports circuit as a whole.

Each of the three regional cards mirrors the colours of the knife skin, with the EMEA skyline framed by one of Astra’s violet stars, the Pacific one bathed in Yoru’s signature blue, and the Americans enveloped by Viper’s toxins. While I may be an EMEA fan, I need every single one of these. Right. Now.

A Valorant bundle image showing four black army knives encased in crystal, three cards with different global landsmarks on them, and a spray of a tanned woman in combat gear shouting Vamos

The Valorant VCT LOCK//IN capsule will be available from February 8 to March 7, with 50% of the proceeds being shared directly with the 30 competing teams. Given that VCT esports skins aren’t available just yet, this is the perfect way to show your favourite squads some love.

Importantly, this bundle is a limited edition drop, so will not return in-store or as part of the Valorant Night Market – when it’s gone, it’s gone.

As someone who loves an esports-themed skin (I’m scared to check how much I’ve spent on Valorant as a result of previous Champions bundles), I am absolutely obsessed with Riot’s approach to this. It allows players to fly their regional flag in style, and perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Valorant esports. As the tournament progresses and EMEA snatch the trophy (sorry not sorry) I’ll be rocking an all-purple loadout without a care in the world.

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